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Friday, April 23, 2010

I Can See!! I Can See!

Mr. Pinch can see! She once was blind (or almost anyway) and now she can see! Maybe now her room will get picked up! :)


Maurisa said...

She is totally rocking those glasses!

Sarah Oldham said...

So you like got her two pair???? :)
Glad she's no longer blind. No more excuses: clean your room, girl!!!

Dawn said...

Sarah - 2 for 1 at Eyeglass World.

Maia said...

Glasses have become so trendy since I was that age! I don't think I have even shown pictures of my first pair of glasses to my husband!

Dawn, I just got around to seeing the comment you left on my post about my pen debacle. Which brings me to the question: may we add you to our Catholic Military Mommas list on the right-hand side of Flowers Round the Cross?

Our Family said...



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