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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Fruit of the Vine

Here's an update on my topsy turvy's.

The Cherry tomatoes..doing very well.

The strawberries. I have room for 6 more plants on this thing..but the budget did not allow. The green one in the picture is quite red this morning.

This is a beefsteak tomato..it's potted right now because I did not have TT when I planted. Can't wait to see how big they get in the pot. I need to miracle gro them again.

My middle son received his Confirmation this past weekend. We shall see what fruits he yields in God's time.


Maurisa said...

Awesome fruits and veggies. You'll have to blog about hobw they taste when they are fondly ripe.

Congrats on another confirmation. May the Holy Spirit protect and guide hom!

Sarah Oldham said...

Wow. You are SHORT, mamma!!! :)

Great fruits!

Congrats on his Confirmation! There were a lot of folks I know w/ kids having Sacraments. Nice!

gramma2many said...

Looks good. I have tomatoes in pots too. Do not have room in my garden to put them into the ground.
Next year you should be able to take starts from the strawberries, or actually when they put out runners this year, just tuck them up into the open spaces and it will be filled. Easy Peasy:)

Dawn said...

Thanks for the tip G2M! I will do that. Sarah..the kids are taking over the world! Aghghghghgh!
Mau..I will absolutely blog about that!

Lacy @ Catholic Icing said...

I am growing strawberries this year, too! But just the old fashioned in the ground way :-) If the bunnies eat them, I'm going to wish I grew them like you!

Victor S E Moubarak said...

Hi Dawn,

Congratulations on the Confirmation of your son.

The upside down hanging planters in your Blog have just been advertised in the UK. I've not tried them yet. Do they work OK?

I like the quote from Margaret Thatcher on your side-bar. We've just had an election ending 13 years of socialist Government. The new incoming Chief Secretary to the Treasury (Finance Minister) received a letter from his predecessor saying: "Dear chief secretary, I'm afraid to tell you there's no money left."

God bless.

Our Family said...


Grace Marie said...

I've heard of the topsy-turvey but never tried it. Looks like you're having a yummy harvest coming soon!! We still have to wait another month before seeing blossoms on our 17 tomato plants! That's alright, it's worth the wait :)

God bless


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