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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Meet My New Baby...

Headed to Staples to hit the sales for back to school. Pencils & Paper for a penny. Can't beat that. Finally got a new shredder (previously 139.99)for only 43 bucks!! Yes, you heard right, 43 buckerooski's! I'm so psyched! It's all black and silver and ready to rip into some serious personal info!

Spent the rest of the day out and about in search of a vegetable/fruit tier so I can get my dern fruit and potatoes off the counter! They've been blocking the bread basket for a few weeks and It's driving me and the kids crazy..every time they go for bread we end up chasing limes and apples across the kitchen! It's comical actually.

Well, I finally found one at Hobby Lobby, a three tier basket that, unfortunately, is too short for the floor, but too tall for the counter. At this point I don't care I just want control over my fruits and veggies! Whew! It's on the counter.

Headed out to the post office..did some grocery shopping, saved 10 more buckerooski's at the commissary! I love this coupon thing(it's how I saved so much on my baby up there.) The most I've saved on groceries is 20 bucks. But I'm quite happy with 10. Coupons baby, worth every minute you spend cutting them out..today I cut 'em out in the store. I didn't have time before I left, so I just parked my cart in a dark shadowy corner of the produce section..you know the one..where all the busted boxes and bent outta shape cans are..no one really ever goes back there. Except me, I guess. The same bag of Pedigree dog food has been there for at least a month.

Anyhow..cut 'em out and used 'em. Couponing on the fly. I love it. I also love the looks I get when I show up to self checkout with a handful of coupons. Ooops. Sorry for tryin' to save some money. Why would I go through all the trouble of couponing just to have to give my savings away to the bagger. I'll bag myself thanks. Sorry to all the baggers out there..shoot my son will be a bagger next year (hopefully)..I'll just be sure to get in his line :) Free bagging. He can consider it practice! I'll even yell at him for messing up my bread :)

Okay..off to find said boy so he can make his famous italian sausage farfalle! Famous around this part of the neighborhood anyway! :)

(I think it's funny that spell checker doesn't like my word "buckerooski", cracked me up)


Anonymous said...

I love getting a bargain and saving money!! Do you have to TIP your baggers at your grocery store? We don't do that where I live. Happy shredding!!

Dawn said...

I know right! I don't know that it's "mandatory" to TIP but I feel bad if I don't, considering 90% of the baggers are senior citizens. They give you this look of disgust, like your taking away their food, if you try to bag your own stuff. Or worse, if you let them bag it and take it out yourself. Daggers. I'd just as soon go through self-checkout.

Sarah Oldham said...

Great savings, but I wouldn't be calling that your baby. ;)
I use self check when I can. I tip generously when I do my big stop (over $200 gets them $5). I think that's generous considering what I see others giving. But, I am not judging . . . they know they work for tips only so they can't complain.

Have you noticed that the senior citizens bag ALL the freakin' cans in one bag then tie it off in a tight aresed knot? Not only do I bust a non-existant muscle carrying it into the house, but I break my teeth trying to open the bag. ;)

Sarah Oldham said...

BTW, by the time the baggers here get my stuff to my car, I've gained a shade of colour in the sun. They aren't in any dang hurry!

Dawn said...

Sarah- I hear ya on the knots. What's up with that! I leave 'em in the dust getting to the car..I'd just as soon have the boys do it. The baggers don't like it, but I don't care.


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