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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mind Your Manners Missy!

Last night the girls and I were invited to attend the chapel volunteer appreciation dinner.

It was a wonderful event at a an even more wonderful venue and the food was delicious.

As we approached the buffet table, the girls immediately spotted dessert. Banana Pudding and Cherry Cheesecake. Their favorites! I enforced the vegetable rule: You must have a vegetable before you can have dessert.

After we eat our meal they hop back up to head for dessert. Okay.."hey, bring me a little..l-i-t-t-l-e! banana pudding will ya?" "Sure Mom!" says the 9 year old.

She brings me (and herself) this dessert plate with a mountainous pile of banana pudding and cherry cheesecake. There was enough on my plate for all 3 of us! Her plate was just as bad. I gave her the "did you leave any for anyone else?" look. She just smiled and started eating. A bit embarrassed, I didn't want to draw any more attention to it so I just kept on talking with the friends at our table.

At some point I look over at her plate. Completely empty! The mound of pudding and cheesecake that close resembled the huge mash potato sculpture in Close Encounters was GONE!

I couldn't help myself, and I said (out loud) "Holy cow child! Did ya lick the plate?!" My little angel replied so sweetly.."No, but I can lick it!" So much for lady like manners!


Therese said...

I know the feeling...With 3 boys at the top, we frequently see this happen...

Sarah Oldham said...

Hmmmmmm. Well, I would be mortified. You know me. I do not want my children to act like that evah. Remember a certain family? Everyone would say something about them every time we had an event. I'm just saying. No, people shouldn't talk - but . . .
I get a knot in my stomach when my kids ask for a second cookie after Mass (often the answer is NO). When I see other children with a fist full of cookies (and I watch - they're all for that one kid) I just want to scream at them. Bad manners and uff da!


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