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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Ready, Set, EAT!

My oldest recently won a pizza eating contest. Weird. Strange. Cool. He's been wanting to do this for a while. 10 Slices of a Godfather's Cheese pizza in 5 minutes. Crazy boy!

His strategy was to stack the pieces. 3 at a time in this picture!

Congrats! He won a $50 gift card.


Mum2eight said...

YUM. Just reading this as I am eating some pizza from our local Pizza shop.

I don't think I could eat 3 slices all at together though.

Gramma 2 Many said...

And how is his tummy feeling? Guess at that age you will do anything for money, won't you?

Sarah Oldham said...

But gross? I love love love pizza but not enought to do that. BUT, I am older and my health is getting more of my attention lately and eating that way would just "end" me.

Dawn said...

Gram: Yep. Anything for a buck. He wasn't feelin' too hot that evening..and had decided that eating competitions are not for him. ;) Whew!


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