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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Take That Mr. Maytag!

Washer Update. I told you yesterday that my washer bit the dust. Well, the Man pulled it out..opened her up and took a look. The electric box under the hood, that controls the magnetic locking system was corroded and this thin little (and I mean tiny) wire broke off. I decided to look for the part. We both decided that if it cost more than $100 than we'd look at other options.

**Dream movie effect..screen blur and swirl...dream music..**

Scene opens on a family driving home on a Saturday morning after a little yard sale-ing. Kids are happy in the back playing with their new treasures..mom is not so much..no toys for her this time. Van passes the dumpster/bulk trash area. Mom spots a shiny white sliver tucked into the corner of the bulk pick up area. The sun glints off a bright blue label.

Van comes to a halt. What is that? Is that? What. I. Think. It is? Outta the car..off to the shiny white thing. Yep. Washer and dryer. Mom inspects both units and discards dryer idea..a little too rusty and clearly done. Washer inspection is different. Not a scratch. No rust. Looks like the delivery truck made a boo boo and tucked it in the bulk pick up area instead of someones garage.

Mom calls Dad. Hey come look at this. We need one of these. Current washer was on the fritz..no big loads or washer started to leak. With a family of 6 all loads are big.

Bulk pick up washer is not only lookin' good, but a Maytag. Neptune. Big Bucks Mr! Mom is beside herself. Can it really be true. Someone is throwing this away? Dad comes with tools. Let's look at the inside. Pops of top, opens front..I-MMAC-U-LATE! No rust, no dust. Perfect. Weird. Quick put it in the truck before they change their mind and come take it back. We get it home. Plug it in. Error code pops up. Awwwwww. Sad faces. Wait a minute..Dad opens it up again. Loose wire in the front. Reconnects. Plugs in. Washes like a charm! Big Bucks Washer for FREE. F-R-E-E! Yay. Family smiles around the new(used) washer.

**Dream scene ends..mom is at computer typing this post**

So anyhow, did some research. The Man is going to try to fix it himself. He gets the solder and soldering iron. He gets the metal file brush. Cleans the corrosion. Solders the wire back. Wah-lah! Washer works. Handman Man is awesome. Free washer is still relatively free. Love it.

And here are the pics of the schoolroom I promised yesterday.

Computer work area

Boys side. We are still working in here..hence the doors on the left.

The girls' side. They wanted the window. Daydreamers.

My refurbished and hastily painted wal-mart pantry turned bookshelf.
Below: the art supply/older books corner. Need to find another bookshelf. We may use the doors from the pantry and put them on the wall with brackets. I could then store books there and move some of the art supplies to the shelves in the pantry/bookshelf.


Anonymous said...

WOW! That is what I call a real find...or a GOD send!!

Sarah Oldham said...

cool on the find!

That O'ahu book . . . the kids aren't the only one daydreaming or distracted, are they? You all have a load of stuff! Good job organinzing it.

Our Family said...

WOW! that looks great. Can ya come and organize my school room?

Our Family said...

Oops, I was talking about the school room, glad ya got the washer working.

Dawn said...

Right on Mary B! I love that O'ahu book. OF- are you kiddin'!?!? Man, I was prayin' the kids had secretly called HGTV and I'd be rescued at any minute from my hideous black cabinet. No such luck. Dernit.


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