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Monday, August 16, 2010

Ouch! That's my bad toe!%#%$#& UPDATE!

I have to take my middle daughter to the "procedure clinic" today. She's having her ingrown toenail removed. Please say a prayer for her, as I'm not so good with needles in places where nerve endings congregate. In fact, say a prayer for me. :)

Well, Go figure! I get my girl, whose been hyping herself up for the last two weeks, to the hospital for the "procedure". The resident comes in, says the toe is not infected. We could go ahead with a removal, or just work on it at home for about two weeks and it should heal up. If it doesn't, than have it removed. He said the removal process does not guarantee that it won't come back in 6-8 months.

WTF?!?!?! Why didn't the person (and I don't know if it was a doc, PA, nurse what? They just wear a military uniform, so I don't know)tell me that last week? I could have been treating her at home all this time! She was in "relifappointment". Relief at not having to have the "procedure" but disappointed at the same time because of the anxiety that she suffered to get here. Oooooooooh! Burn me up, let me tell ya.

So I opted out of the painful removal and will treat her at home, now that I have the instructions. They could have saved her the pain and anxiety and me the time, if they had just had the original whatever-she-was give me those instructions.

Thanks for your prayers all the same. They never go to waste. :)


Anonymous said...

My son had that done several times before he finally chose to have the toenails completely removed...problem solved. (Of course, a guy w/o a toenail is probably better than a girl w/o a toenail!) I will keep you & your daughter in my prayers.

PattyinCT said...

Ouch! Praying for you!

Sarah Oldham said...

Had both my big toes done twice - no big whoop. She'll be fine. Keep a puke bucket close for yourself, though, . . . things may have changed, but the long, flexible needle they used on me to numb the toes was OBNOXIOUS. Not painful, just looked like it would be.

Sarah Oldham said...

My word verification is hifreakinhilarious: moning!

Well, I bet you heard (and made) plenty of that!!! (I know it's missing the "a" but it's funny)


Dawn said...

sarah..that is hifreakinlarious..just like this day has been!


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