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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

It's such a good feeling...

Mr. Rogers comes to mind today. I have to thank God today for just fantabulous day! Yes, it was the Feast of The Holy Archangels.
Yes, it is my son's feast day (St. Michael is his Patron)
Yes, I got to homeschool group on time
Yes, we fought this morning trying to get to group on time! :)

but really, it was just an ordinary day.
It rained.
It was cooler than it has been in months!
Had to wear a sweater to Adoration tonight.

Sitting there, with Jesus, surrounded by my kids and missing my husband
Wonderful friends in the pews near me
I just had to say Thanks be to God for it all!

Being at Adoration is like being near the ocean for me.
I realize, very distinctly, how small I am.
How little I am and how clueless I really am

He continues to put me in my place. I continue to step out of it.
He's puts me back. I step out..etc etc.

Ah! He's just so GOOD. That doesn't even make any sense about what I really am trying to describe. I am not able to put it in words that make sense.

He just IS. And I am just so thankful for Him.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Isn't it GREAT the He just IS?!?! Even though you can't say "I am not able to put it in words that make sense." Those of us that KNOW HIM will have no trouble knowing EXACTLY what you mean. Thank you for sharing...what a blessing this was to me this morning...


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