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Monday, September 20, 2010

Taking time for Me?

There's a big conference coming for the ladies group at Church. I cannot wait to go! There is one problem. I know lots of people, including family members, who reside in the conference city. I want to see them all. The conference is scheduled down to the minute. I have to remind myself I am not going on vacation. I am going on retreat. I am taking a vacation with God, so to speak.

It will be difficult to be so close to people I care about and not be able to visit with them. On the other hand, this is a time for me to get closer to God. To foster that relationship.

Ya know, sometimes this human life is so frustrating. I can understand why some of the saints wanted outta here. Maybe If I quit wanting it my way, I'd get along better. I can imagine God shaking his finger and saying to me "This ain't Burger King ya know!" I sure do hope he thinks I'm funny, one heck of a laugh, she is! Or else I'm in trouble.

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