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Friday, October 15, 2010

Building a City...

Just got back from our MCCW World Wide Conference in Baltimore, MD. The Theme was Build a City of God. Over 250 military Catholic women gathered together for a week of spiritual growth and fulfillment. I was able to go with 13 of the finest women I know. Plus (BIG BONUS) I was able to see and have dinner with Sarah from Prayer 4 The Journey. We've been apart for going on 3 years now and it was such a delight to see her again.

Here are some pictures:

Home to some of the finest crab cakes in Baltimore.

Baltimore at sunset 30th floor Tremont Plaza Hotel

St. Alphonsus Church Baltimore Built 1845

My brother, sister in law and nephew. Such a treat to see them!

My bff. So glad we got to see each other.


Sarah Oldham said...

There's my beautiful friend! I miss you tons since I left!!!! Can you send me a hard copy of that pic of us? I can't believe my camera hasn't any of us together. I thought we had pics taken on mine. Dernit.

Sarah Oldham said...

P.S. I'm nicking it for my blog post. ;)

Our Family said...

I am bummed I missed ya. Glad you had a good time.


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