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Monday, November 1, 2010

Trick or Treat!

The kids finally got their costumes together for the candy spectacular that was our neighborhood Halloween trick or treating.

Candy distro didn't start in earnest at 6 but rather closer to 7 when the skies were darkened and it's just way more fun!

A few neighbors were decked out to scare, but nothing over the top. Most just had a few decorations at best. I spent most of the afternoon making popcorn balls with the kids. We handed them out and, to my surprise, the neighborhood kids loved it! I only had one little girl, maybe 4 or 5 say "That's not candy! That's popcorn! You can't put candy in popcorn?!?!" It was comical at first. But she was still at it as she walked down the street with mom.

I saw only a handful of teenage trick or treaters. Not including my 2. I was surprised. I thought I'd see many more. Had one infant trick or treater. Poor thing. She was all dolled up in some sort of pink tutu and fast asleep. Dad was pushing the stroller and tryin' to score some candy.

Here are some pics of the kids Halloween 2010. We had Nerd boy, Darth Hanes, Jailbreak Julie & Just A Bum. See if you can pick 'em out.


Sarah Oldham said...

How big is your neighbourhood? They really got some haul! Our hood is pretty big, but they didn't come home with half that. Chintzy folks here, then. I was giving out three to four pieces of candy to each kid and I likely had 70 or more. I still had tons of kitkats left so when Connor's friends returned, I handed them over . . .they were thrilled!

Dawn said...

Sarah- we have about 200 houses here. Not all were handing out..one even took the time to post that they were not participating in Halloween. Fine. Just leave your porch light off.
Duh. The kids did really well. They even filled a bag (between them) for Uncle Kev in Afghanistan!

Sarah Oldham said...

Check my FB page and click on Halloween 2010 . . . I don't know when I'll add the picture or two on my Halloween post. Even if I did, people may never see them. Still wondering if I should. FB seems enough.

Have a laugh!

Gramma 2 Many said...

I love the idea that they trick or treated for Uncle Kev!!
I do hand out candy, but I hate the emphasis put on the day. It is a day dedicated to witches. Not Christian at all!! I hand out because so many of the little kids no not know that and I do not want to be the grouchy woman on the block.


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