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Friday, February 25, 2011

The Way, The Truth, The Life & Wipeout

Father gave a good reflection at Wednesday's daily Mass. He spoke about Jesus being The Way, The Truth and The Life. He said if we follow the Way of Christ we learn to live in Truth, to stop deceiving ourselves, and thus gain eternal life. However! Satan does his best to push us from The Way so that we never learn the Truth and hopefully do not gain eternal life.

Later that evening, at Adoration, I was thinking about Father's words. The show Wipeout came to my mind. I almost laughed out loud! I thought this is exactly what happens to me!

If you have never seen Wipeout, a quick summary: Contestants vie for a cash prize as they work their way along a treacherous obstacle course.

The last episode had the contestants running along a seemingly benign foam runway when *WHAMO!!** the end of the track flips up and sends the competitor flying into the waters below. Hilarious to watch, but it really hit home with me and this reflection. All the contestants on the show seem shocked when they are tossed off the way so easily and completely. Yet, they make the swim and climb back on the course and try again. The one who wins has been able to hold on along the way. But not without struggle!

Just like Father was saying..we are imperfect..we have all the wonderful intentions of following Christ's Way. We WANT to live in Truth and earn Eternal Life with Him in Heaven. It's the ultimate prize! Yet, so often we encounter obstacles along the way that knock us off the path and we have to work even harder to get back on track.

So, who says T.V is all bad! Maybe there are some good lessons even in the disastrous falls and shocking body shots of Wipeout!

Oh and here are some pics of the finished babies room.

1 comment:

Sarah Oldham said...

Great homily and extended thoughts on your part!

LOVE LOVE LOVE Christopher's room! Awwwww, he's already so dearly loved!!!!!!! (I thought for sure one of your girls would get that bear....LOL!!!). The room is fantastic and I love the bedding you found.


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