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Friday, April 27, 2012

Carrying the Cross

I have discovered Catholic radio, specifically EWTN on Sirius. It it so worth it. Anyhow, listening on my way home today, to Greg Willits of The Catholics Next Door, and he was preparing to pray the Sorrowful mysteries, in particular, he was meditating on the Carrying of The Cross. Simon of Cyrene was just your average pilgrim. Probably in Jerusalem for Passover with his kids. He doesn't want to bear this cross for this guy he doesn't even know. He's from the country. Just came to celebrate. What is going on here!? Greg suggested sometimes WE are also called to carry or help shoulder anothers burden. We don't want to but we too, are pressed into service. Perhaps it makes their burden just that much easier to bear. Maybe it is a sick loved one or troubled friend or family member. God places us in the path and presses us into service. Maybe it is even someone we don't know. Who will you be Simon for today? Who will be your Simon?

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Maurisa said...

Wonderful meditation!


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