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Monday, October 27, 2008

Monday Movie Review

What an amazing experience! I started out watching this movie and ended up becoming a part of it. After the initial awkward voyeur experience, I began to feel as if I were actually there, in the French Alps, standing behind the camera man. I didn't want to leave. It was fascinating, beautiful, joyful, spiritual and so much more. I highly recommend this movie. I wish I had seen it on the "big screen" as I am sure that it was even more spectacular.
Turn your lights off, light a candle, sit back with a warm cup of tea and a blanket (the snow in the Alps is very cold!) and slip off into serenity. Enjoy the silence.


Journey of Truth said...

This is on queue with NetFlix. Can't wait to get it.

Kathleen Miller said...

Enjoyed your review. I will put this on my to buy list.


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