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Monday, October 27, 2008

Munificent Monday

Munificent: extremely liberal in giving; very generous

The original premise behind this blog was to get the word out to folks about how and where you can give in your communities, in the nation and across the world. To bring charities to light for folks who may have never heard of them. I have posted about some and have links on my sidebars for giving. If you should click on any of the store advertisements on my sidebars all proceeds will go to one of the following charities: Catholic Relief Services, Feeding America, or Habitat for Humanity. Those stores offer a commission of 10% of the purchase. Just leave a comment as to which of the three charities you would like your 10% to go.

You can also click on my charity badge(on the right sidebar)to donate to Golden Harvest Food Bank or on the left sidebar you can click on Medical Missionaries or Good Search to donate to various causes of your choice.

Love of neighbor begins at home. It is not a seasonal event. Whether you choose to give through the links I have provided or to one of your favorite charities, I urge you to begin practicing giving, according to your means, as a way of life.

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