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Saturday, November 8, 2008

My First Time

Okay..I've never done this before...be gentle.

One word answers, please. Oh, gosh, can I do it?
1. where is your cell phone? purse

2. where is dh? library

3. your hair color? brown

4. your mother? mom

5. your father? dad

6. your favorite thing? hubby

7. your dream last night? none

8. your dream/goal? baby

9. the room you're in? living

10. your hobby? music

11. your fear? spiders

12. where do you want to be in six years? home

13. where were you last night? work

14. what you're not? mathmetician

15. one of your wish list items? baby

16. where you grew up? Army

17. the last thing you did? shopped

18. what are you wearing? jeans

19. your tv? ok

20. your pet? outside

21. your computer? laptop

22. your mood? fantastic

23. missing someone? Michelle

24. your car? garage

25. something you're not wearing? coat

26. favorite store? none

27. your summer? wonderful

28. love someone? many

29. your favorite color? red

30. when is the last time you laughed? today

31. last time you cried? months


Journey of Truth said...

A Baby? Wow. Listed in two answers. I didn't think to list that because I'm sure Dan will never be on board about that ever again. I should have pushed that eons ago . . . oh well. He said after he retires, but we know that's not happening any time soon. Darn Navy!!

Therese said...

I will pray for you to have a baby. Every night my 7 year old prays that we will have another baby. I would love another one but maybe God has other ideas.

I also have an award for you at my blog.


Michelle K said...

A BABY????? You need another boy and then we will be even.

I miss you too!



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