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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Saturday Service

Today is the Marine Corps Toys For Tots 5K run in our area. My fantastic 4 and my hubby got up this morning at 0400 so they could be ready to help set up and support the local Marine units with this wonderful charity. Now, only my Top 3 are in the Young Marines, but my fantastic 4th decided she'd get up with them.

If you haven't heard of Toys for Tots or want more info click the Here.

1 comment:

Journey of Truth said...

Glad it's their legs and not mine. Well, I wish it were my legs . . . that I could endure such a run at all. I could walk it, but jog or run it? Nope. Good for you littest one joining in. She's so cute! Give them all hugs from me.


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