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Thursday, November 20, 2008

What a Way To Give!

This is the coolest way to give I have seen yet. My son has been asking for a laptop for a while now. He is actually saving money. Although at this rate, he may have enough to get one in the year 2020. At least, at the current laptop prices. UNTIL NOW!! Not only can he get one sooner than he thought, but he can give one in return to a child in a developing country. (And get a tax deduction..that's just not as important to a 14 year old)

Check this out: One Laptop per Child

Here's a quick review:

And here's where you can get it: Give 1, Get 1
Check out the reviews on Amazon.


Therese said...

That's a neat idea!

Journey of Truth said...

It is a great idea. The price isn't bad at all! I wish your kid the best with his efforts to get one (and maybe this way so a needy kid can get one, too).


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