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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What We Learned on Wednesday

Rube Goldberg: Best known for his INVENTIONS, Rube’s early years as an engineer informed his most acclaimed works. A Rube Goldberg contraption – an elaborate set of arms, wheels, gears, handles, cups, and rods, put in motion by balls, canary cages, pails, boots, bathtubs, paddles, and live animals – takes a simple task and makes it extraordinarily complicated. He had solutions for How To Get The Cotton Out Of An Aspirin Bottle, imagined a Self-Operating Napkin, and created a Simple Alarm Clock – to name just a few of his hilariously depicted drawings.

The boys are part of a team building a Rube Goldberg Machine: An assemblage of ordinary objects, mechanical gadgets, and the oddest odds and ends are linked together and somehow get to the desired goal. You can see one at You tube.

We also painted a color wheel turkey but accidentally left it behind drying. The fun color fact we learned today is:

The night sky is not black in color..it is actually a deep indigo. Indigo is created by blending purple with blue.

I love that word......Indigo..except I like to say it like this..In-di-gooooooo.


Cassie said...

Hi! I popped in to tell you that I've given you an award! Come on by to get it.

BTW, I tried to e-mail you for your address to send the pin. Did you get it?

Journey of Truth said...

You're so weird. Ha ha ha! I love that your true voice is coming through your writing now. Hurrah! Not that your true voice is weird - just that you like saying indigo the way you do. And, that's weird in a fun loving way. I need some coffee!!


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