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Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I heard an answer to a question the other day that has stuck with me. The question was "Why do people buy online but not give online?" The answer, that won't leave me, was this, "What do I get out of it?". It was a very honest answer, one most people won't admit to thinking. In fact, I've even thought it before. I found this on You tube..it's why I blog. It's why I give. What do I get out of it? Nothing..tangible, that is. I don't even know if what I do helps.

I want to share this video with you, because I have been close to this. I have been a paycheck away from the street. I have had to walk into the government office to ask for food stamps. As a kid I remember my mom, so stressed out because she had to use food stamps in our little town where everyone knew everyone and everyone would know. Millions of children and families are homeless right now, right here in America.


scmom (Barbara) said...

My husband is a professional fundraiser for a Catholic hospital system and he always says most people don't give until they are asked. But, I think in our society today people just need to be reminded of the need. Sitting in our safe little communities we are rarely reminded of the need. Advent is a wonderful time to remember others. Thanks for the reminder. Give to your food pantry. Take clothes, warm coats, gloves to the St. Vincent de Paul Society. Give blankets to the homeless shelter. Just remember the corporal works of mercy.

Journey of Truth (Sarah) said...

AWESOME post. Keep 'em coming.

I grew up hearing my grandfather always say, "Charity begins at home." Because my parents were foolish with money, too, there were times we didn't know if this or that would happen. My parents were lucky my grandfather/grandmother were there to lean on many times. My mum still found begging from family humiliating - and I can imagine, because it can be, not that it should be - we all should consider one another family. Not just at Christmas - lack of hurts all year 'round, not just when we celebrate the babe in the manger.

I'll try to dig a little deeper myself. After all, I can eat well enough and skip a few meals in order to feed someone who hasn't had the choice in a long time, if ever.


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