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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Hand Me A Bell

They are out in front of every Wal-Mart, Target and Kroger. Dedicated men and women, ceaselessly ringing their bells, standing watch over the little red kettle. The Salvation Army Red Kettle Campaign started back in 1891 and has since helped millions of people in need throughout the country. The funds raised in this campaign help the over 37 million people who turn to the Salvation Army for food and toys at Christmas, utility and homeless assistance, senior and child care, drug abuse treatment and many other social service needs.

The economic situation today has left us all a little lighter in the wallet. But there is good news, gas prices have dropped to a five year low! Who would have thought that we'd ever see $1.50 a gallon again? As we consider how to do Christmas on a much tighter budget please consider giving to those who need assistance all year long. I know you are beseeched in every direction at this time of the year. Even your pennies make a difference in a hot meal, heating bills paid and a warm sweater or toy for a child. I have set up an online red kettle through the Salvation Army's website. Please prayerfully consider giving what you can. Remember, every penny counts! Thank you in advance for your donation and May God Bless all of you in abundance! Click on the red kettle in my sidebar to help reach our goal of $125.00.

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