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Sunday, December 14, 2008


I forgot to tag you all on my last meme from Therese! So..ummm..if you read this you are tagged! If you could interview 10 of your favorite living Catholics, with soft "Bahbwa Walters" lighting and fabulous backgrounds, who would you choose?
Tag! You're It!

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Mau said...

Hey Dawn!

It's Maurisa, Jomary's friend. I've been secretly reading your blog for a bit. Here are my top 10 living Catholics to interview:

1. Father Neuhaus; convert, political analyst, incredibly smart and bitingly funny

2. Mother Angelica; She's got moxie in spades!

3. Doug Barry; co-host of Life on the Rock. We actually know him and have been supporting his apostolate "Radix" since our oldest was 2.

4. Archbishop Chaput of Denver; a fantastic theologian

5. Bishop Bruskewitz of Lincoln; unafraid and undaunted

6. Father Euteneuer from HLI; vocal, smart and brave

7. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia; unapologetically Catholic with a capital "C"

8. Father Jay Scott Newman; admonished his parishioners not to partake of Holy Communion if they voted for Obama until after going to confession.

9. Matt and Patrick Archibald from the blog Creative Minority Report; everyday needs a helping of hyperbole and sarcasm every day

10. Pope Benedict; Of course!


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