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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Finally! A Victory for Conservatives (And Catholics)

Hooray! Michael Steele has been elected as the head of the Republican National Committee! And guess what! He's a Catholic. A good one actually. No Biden or Pelosi here.

You can read his bio at the RNC website..This is good news for the Republican party and, I believe, great news for the pro-life movement.

What are your thoughts?


Mrs.Jill.O said...

I am extatic that he won the election and agree this is great news for the republican party as well as the pro-life movement. I didn't know he was Catholic so that is another plus!

Kathleen Miller said...

Wonderful news indeed!!!!

Mau said...

Our kids were all excited. They remember when he ran for Senate in Md. Even K who was only 3 at the time remembered him.

What a victory for conservatives. Maybe the RNC got the message!


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