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Monday, January 5, 2009

Of Pronouns and Surface Area

Whew! I thought at one point I was at a ballon fest..all the hot air that was being blown through pursed lips today. That was just during Math! Oh..vacations..they can wreak havoc on an overachiever who realized he forgot the formula for surface area. English presented it's own defense and almost won! I believe they have finally learned the meaning of the word "review."

The best part of my day..my oldest says to me "I need to study." That's it. But those are the sweetest words I have ever heard come out of that boy. I felt like Sally Field..."He get's it! He really get's it!"

All is well..we are on the way to scouts for an Epiphany party. One of the scouts arranged for a blessing on the scout house. Let me tell you, they really need an exterminator (do not look behind the shower curtain!) but perhaps Father will be able to banish those critters with his blessing. :)

I just got asked to teach a cooking class for middle/high school at the homeschool group we are part of. I'm game. Just have to have an agenda by Wednesday. Yes. This Wednesday. So I will be a busy girl tonight and tomorrow. Any suggestions? Help!

So, one down and only 115 more days to go! Then we can heave a big sigh and go jump in the pool every single day!

UPDATE: Thanks for the ideas Mau! I was thinking the same thing. The class will be 5th graders and up so I will be able to talk on a more adult level. Thanks for your help!


Journey of Truth (Sarah) said...

You meant "balloon" right? Just picking on you - you can kick me later. :-) My kids were a bit testy with math today - they knew it they just wanted me to join in on the "fun" (the wee boogers).

No ideas on the food. Is it supposed to be a menu based class or baking a treat? Make a casserole. :-) It's reality food.

Mau said...

We were in the same rock and a hard place with math yesterday too! I need a vacation ;-)

A co-op cooking class! Very cool. I've always wanted to teach one in our co-op but OLF would never let us use the kitchen, me thinks.

How about if you began with finding your way around the kitchen, menu planning, and grocery lists, maybe add a dash of nutrition?


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