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Saturday, January 24, 2009

On The Road again...

I am currently in MD staying with my brother and sister in law. Bless their hearts for letting my family of 6 invade their small apartment. It is good to see them and visit. Thanks to all of your prayers we made the 10 hour drive safely and without incident. We marched on Thursday, a beautiful day, Thanks Be To God! I got to spend some time with JOT and another very good friend this week. I will be posting pictures of the march and my visit here, when I get back.

We leave tomorrow morning, earl-I! I want to be on the road no later than 4:30 am. That gets us back home at a reasonable hour. We are headed into rain and cold temps. Not as cold as here in MD (although, I know it's much colder up north) but cold for us thin blooded folks.

I had a great time visiting with JOT and wish I had more time to just sit and have coffee for a few more mornings. Driving back into town, I got that sentimental feeling. You know..I know my way around here..I know people here. As sentimental as it was, I know that I was sent down south for a reason. I have met so many great women (and men!) in our new place that there are no regrets.

My closest friends here will all be gone in just a few months. The nature of our military lives. But this place will always hold fond memories for me. We lived here for seven years. That's the longest time I have ever lived in one place. Being the child of a military family we moved all the time. Even after Dad retired, I was only in PA for a short 4 years before moving onto the military myself. I love this life and wouldn't ask for another one. The opportunities and experiences I have had over the years are priceless. Now if I could just remember them all! :) Well, some I would rather forget :0! It's a good life. In the words of Jim Carey from Bruce Almighty "It's good!". B-e-a-Utiful!

I won't post again until Monday. Accept my apologies for being out of the blogosphere for awhile, but be sure I miss you all! Blessings!

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Sarah (JOT) said...

I enjoyed our short visit. Thank God I've seen you a few times between your family moving South and now, or I'd have FORCED you to stay and visit longer!! Of course, I also am used to this military life and used to visiting and I know how hard it is to divide ones time amongst everyone!! I do appreciate your all coming over!! I really wanted to FEED you and just totally hang back, but . . . I'll get you to HI and we can soak up the sun and some mai tai's for once instead of coffee!! Love ya!


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