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Sunday, January 18, 2009


This year I am going to keep a log of all the books I read. From the hefty non-fiction to the thinnest slice of fiction.

Do any of you do this? Do you have an organized system to keep track of what you have read? I am very good for forgetting fiction, soon after I read it. It's like I am making room for more. The problem is that happens with the non-fiction stuff sometimes.

So far this year here is what I have completed reading:

Child 44. You can view it here on Amazon.

I am currently reading about 4 books at the same time. Both fiction and non-fiction.
I hope this gives me a better understanding of how and what I read.

So..here's a question for you, What is your favorite book and Why?


Sarah (JOT) said...

One I have returned to time and time again is East of Eden by Steinbeck. I love this story of rivalry between brothers that actually ends up being misunderstandings around jealousy etc.. I like the chinaman who helps find the meaning in Hebrew texts for "timshel" - which they found meant "thou may rulest over sin" - the age old question being answered. Why do we struggle? Why is there war (between brothers, fathers, countries)? It all comes down to us: we MAY rule over sin - but if we do not, it (the sin) will rule us.

Sarah (JOT) said...

I used to list every book I read while I worked in an office in Seattle - in two years I had read well over 500 books - I wish I had kept the list!! I ususally remember the gist of a book, not necessarily character names etc. - another good book I want to read again is Tess of the D'urbervilles. But, in a way, I hate to re-read anything at this point in my life; I want to read all the new stuff that's caught my eye - usually Catholic stuff (some having been waiting for me over a year now, but I get distracted by other things - esp. devotional type readings lately). I'm almost done with the Autobiography of St. Teresa - which is good and all, but I will likely never read again. It's too dry and too many words to say anything. Just me!

Therese said...

I am off to a slow start, but I use goodreads.com to organize my books.

scmom (Barbara) said...

Like, Therese said, try goodreads.com. It's free and you can keep track of what you're reading now or go back and make a history of everything you've ever read.

Let me know if you create an account -- I'd love to see what you're reading and with goodreads we can view each other's books.

Dawn said...

I signed up for goodreads.com ..I could spend all day there going through what I've read. thanks!


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