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Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Unit Study

My kids have recently fallen in love with The Cosby Show. So much so that we bought the first 3 seasons on DVD for Christmas. I have to admit I love the show as well and it brings back some fond memories of my younger days. My brothers and sister gathered around the t.v. with Mom and Dad, laughing our hiney's off and learning at the same time.

I like this series because, although it can be a bit unrealistic (as all t.v. shows are) the Huxtable family really did try to keep it "real". They dealt with real family situations and did so in a loving but responsible way.

I have been trying to come up with a Unit study on this series. I've never done anything like this before. Maybe you can help?

I want to be able to look at each episode and break down the vice/virtue issues. How the kids deal with certain issues, how Mom and Dad respond or do not respond.

Any suggestions? Does anyone else out there in blogger world love The Cosby Show? Has watching it influenced your parenting or children's attitude? What types of conversations have been sparked in your family because of a particular episode? Do you prefer the early seasons or the later ones? Ahhhh...so many questions.

OH and one more..is there a show on today that you regularly watch with your family and have been able to use for teaching moments?

I thank you in advance for your responses and look forward to reading and learning.


Sarah (JOT) said...

Yes, we learn a lot of things NOT to do while watching Myth Busters. And, we will always pray our plane does not crash into anything or at all 'cos we watch LOST.

I know you're not looking for sarcastic remarks here, but I'm being funny and being real.

We also watch That 70's Show and there are plenty of teaching moments in it about respect for parents, getting employment, surviving unemployment, dynamics of our past history and of course, sex and drug education (the immorality of anything outside marriage etc.). Most of the time, the dad (Red Foreman) puts forth a very genuine and strong morality. My hubs is a lot like Red, except he doesn't threaten putting his foot in anyone's arse; that would be me!

Mau said...

Love, love, loved the Cosby Show! We watched it as a family every Thursday night (yeah, I remember which night it was on). My dad would buy a brick of ice cream and cut it into 5 equal slices for each of us and we'd sit and eat our ice cream and laugh our heads off at the Huxtables.

As with most TV shows, the earlier seasons are always the best. I'll have to give more thought to how you might use the series as a unit study.

We don't watch too much TV with the kids. Too many commercials to vet, etc. I will watch Spongebob with my kiddos from time to time. It cracks me up. We also record and watch, commercial free, episodes of Good Eats on Food Network. Gotta love Alton Brown's quirkiness ;-)


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