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Saturday, April 11, 2009

From Margie

Margie, my guest blogger is back. Here's her input for today, Holy Saturday.

Adam and Eve enjoyed the company of God, spoke with Him, worked with Him and tended His Garden yet, even though the had that unimaginable gift of walking with God they disobeyed Him and were expelled from the Garden. Expelled into the harsh world without chance of returning to the Garden or having the same relationship with Elohim. I think God was hurt deeply by their decision. He knew they needed a way to get back to Him. The key to the gates of the Garden.

The disciples and the people of Jerusalem experienced Jesus first hand. They spoke with Him, watched Him work miracles, loved Him and were loved by Him. Yet did they truly understand His mission and the significance of what He was about to do for all us? When Jesus died the world was again without Savior and in the dark. We were alone with no chance of redemption. The time alone is significant because it hearkens back to the time when Adam and Eve were expelled and struggling to grasp the consequences of their actions.

Jesus came to eradicate sin and re-open the gates to Garden for all of us. Take a moment today to reflect on the emptiness of this time. The seperation from God and the possibility of never hearing His voice in your life again. The resurrection will be much sweeter.

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