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Thursday, April 9, 2009

On The Tee on Holy Thursday

My oldest is on his way to the Masters today. Opening day! He is so excited. His hope is to see Tiger Woods and Gary Player. This is Players' last year at the Masters. He's the oldest golfer on the tournament, at 70 years old. He's also the golfer to have played the most consecutive Masters, 16 years in a row. Yet, he's never won the green jacket. Good Luck Gary! Then there's the Shark, Greg Norman. He's always one to watch.

Of course today is Holy Thursday. We will go to Mass tonight at 7 pm. Tomorrow I will cantor the Good Friday service. I have to learn the music today. The original cantor is ill and won't be able to make it. We have an excellent choir director and she has helped me considerably. Easter Sunday my family is singing a civil war rendition of Amazing Grace for the opening hymn. My middle daughter is soloing on the first and last verse. In practice, she has done a great job! Keep her in your prayers that The Holy Spirit will keep her nerves at bay on Sunday.

I love hearing my family harmonize together and sing to the Lord. It is wonderful to my ears. I hope He thinks so too! ;)

On another note, I received a response from All, remember the Apprentice episode that I blogged on? Well, the response was directed at the videos the contestants made and made no mention of the executive and her slip up. I am pleased that they responded quickly, even if they did not address the real problem. Perhaps they did behind the scenes.

This week we have decided to tye dye shirts instead of dyeing eggs. The kids are looking forward to the art project and so am I. I am not a fan of tye dye but the kids love it. It will be interesting to see the designs and colors they choose.

Off to get some more coffee and get my day started. The Lord has provided a beautiful day for us today, high 70's this afternoon. May He bless all of you in abundance and for those of you who will attend Mass on this anniversary of the Last Supper and the ordination of the first priests of the Church, may He richly bless you as you receive Him in His Precious Body and Precious Blood.


Sarah (JOT) said...

Ugh, I hope he had a BLAST!! Dan used to do security there and the traffic is terrible! That big church along there (Whole Life) - is it still there? I used to go there - I can say their praise and worship is wonderful, but . . . NOT Catholic!

So, you to, dear. God bless you and yours!

Rita said...

I hope your son has a great time today. I would LOVE to see Phil Mickelson, so would my hubby.


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