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Friday, April 24, 2009

Give A Little Bit...

The other day as I was sifting through the (junk) mail I see a pretty blue catalog peeking out behind the magazine from Scouting and the insurance and credit card proposals.

I thought it might be from the Catholic Company or Ligouri Press. I love getting those. I pick it out of the rest of the junk and realize it's from Food for the Poor. Oh..ok..just another heartbreaking plea for money. I love to give but lately we've been on a tighter budget, and I hate to throw these out. This one was a little different though. Not your standard envelope with a cheap rosary or greeting cards inside. This is a beautifully done "Gift Catalog". So I start to turn the pages.

You can actually buy a truck load of food! A goat, or chickens! This is really cool I thought. I showed the kids. We are currently going through the catalog and circling what we can do each month for Food for the Poor. You can also give these gifts in someones name and there are these great gift cards inside the catalog that you can send to your friends or family letting them know you have gifted in their name.

What a beautiful Mother's Day gift. Check out Food for The Poor's gift catalog. For just a few dollars you can help out a family in need.

1 comment:

Mau said...

Food for the poor is one of our favorite charities. The kids love choosing animals and such that will actually be gifts that keep on giving.


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