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Thursday, April 16, 2009

On Buying a Home

This is the home we are currently considering buying. We will be putting in an offer today. There is another offer on this home as well. We are not sure if our offer will stand, but we have put it in God's hands at this point. If it is His will than all will be well.

Keep us in your prayers this week as we submit our offer. If the Lord deems it to be than our offer will be accepted. If it is not His will than it won't be accepted. We are okay with that, but man! I really like this house!

Father, we want this house. We want this house if You want it for us. If this home will be the place that You desire us to raise our family than Your will be done. Thank you in advance for your abundant blessings and answering of our prayer.


Sarah (JOT) said...

If you get that house, as lovely as it is . . . the first thing I would do is cut down and deroot that stupid tree. Why? It's a weeping willow and their roots will travel miles (into your septic, too) for water. My grandma's tank got all messed up from the monster in her yard. Put in another tree or water this one all the time.

Dawn said...

Funny you should say that about the tree. I absolutely loved it. The picture is deceiving, as it is set a bit away from the house. But I will keep those thoughts in mind.

Sarah (JOT) said...

Don't get me wrong - I LOVE that house even though I haven't been inside of it. The tree is lovely, but them trees are water lovers. They planted them along the water ditches all over Chesapeake, VA, from what I remember. Good thing, I always kept saying.

Mom E said...

What a beautiful house! Blessings & Prayers your way!

Rita said...

That house is gorgeous. It looks like a great place to raise a family.

Aussie Therese said...

gorgeous house. I certainly can understand why you want it so much.

Prayers that it is the right house for you.

Cassie said...

So, did you get it?

Sarah (JOT) said...

I know, right, Cassie? Do you think she'll tell? It always takes more than a few days to get that information I guess.

My fingers are crossed!!!


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