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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Skinny Dude vs. Buff Dude

My boys just came in from their morning run. Sweaty and smelly, they just ran a mile. They are working on their personal fitness merit badge. They must keep a daily exercise log and every two weeks perform a fitness test to gauge improvement.

They are logging a mile run, sit ups, push ups and pull ups. I haven't done all that since the Navy. Truth be told, I've never been able to do one pull up let alone pull ups (plural). They are very competitive. One is really good at push ups, the other not so much. The other is good at pull ups, the other one not so much. Instead of encouraging one another they tend to make these really biting comments. I can't stand to listen to it, but for some reason it seems to motivate them. I don't get it.

My oldest (he calls himself The Chosen One), he just says to me that if he gets totally ripped I must promise to buy him tank tops and take him to the beach so he can bench press in front of the girls.

To give you a picture here..The Chosen One is all bones. He's nearly 6 ft/141 lbs and not an ounce of fat on him. He looks a bit like the skinny dude from that advertisement on the back of the comic book. You know the one where the buff dude kicks sand in the face of the skinny dude and then skinny dude goes and gets buff and comes back to impress the ladies and squish buff dude. That's my Chosen One.

Well, I best get to startin' my day. Blessings!

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Mau said...

Gotta love that ego!


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