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Friday, May 15, 2009

Political Peril & Other Opinions

Well, it's been a while since I posted about anything politic. This week just has me both doubled over in laughter and shaking my head in shame.

Who's got me laughing? Why, none other than that preposterous speaker of the house, Nancy Pelosi. She's getting called out in a bad way! Like a little kid with her hand in the cookie jar and melted chocolate on her cheeks, she stands before us and swears she "DIDN'T KNOW!" about the interrogation procedures. The chocolate on her face? The numerous briefings and CIA memo's now surfacing, letting us know exactly who knew what and when.

Now she's getting nervous. Going to a press conference flustered and out of whack. Like her golden boy, Obama, who flubs the darn words right in front of him on the teleprompter, Pelosi can't find her own darn statement in her own darn notes. It was hilarious, but at the same time sad. Ever watch the "falling" videos on America's Funniest Home Videos? You gasp at the beginning of each fall and then end up laughing your hiney off! That's Pelosi..she's falling. How bad will it be?

Shaking my head in shame? At Notre Dame and (this oxymoron) pro-choice Catholics. President Obama gets his honorary degree (what's that about anyway? Can anyone get one of those? I'd like one, please) this weekend from Notre Dame. Founded in honor of Our Lady by Father Sorin of the Congregation of The Holy Cross back in 1842, Notre Dame has always been a place of learning and religious activity. One of the few truly named Catholic universities left in America. Presenting President Obama with an honorary degree and inviting him to speak at commencement is, actually, quite normal. He is the President of the United States after all. What is not normal at all, is the disparity within the Catholic Faith. Between those who defend life in all forms and stages, and those who don't.

This is not even a matter of "Catholic" morality. This is an issue that should concern all peoples. Christian or not. Taking a life, whether defenseless in the womb or on the streets of NYC, should not be encouraged, tolerated, or made politically correct for any reason.

My opinion is this, If you cannot "afford" to take care of child, then don't have sex. If you're "too young" to take care of a child, then don't have sex. If you're just not "mentally ready" then don't have sex. It's as easy as that. Society will tell you that you are crazy! Have sex and more sex and even more sex. Go crazy with sex. It's better than any drug! (But take them too if it makes you feel good, we'll just start taxing them) Too old to have sex? Never! We've got the cure! Worried about responsibility? Never! Use condoms and gels and foams and odd shaped cups to catch that dirty little sperm. Use the patch and pill or let us implant you with this nifty little device that could possibly wreak havoc on your body, but it's all for the good! You'll be able to have unlimited sex!!! Oh, and you won't get acne or have that nasty little (normal) body function every month. All enabling you to have more and frequent sex.

Failure, you say!? Oh, there is no failure! There's a Planned Parenthood near you! For only $300-400 you can eliminate failure! Enabling you to continue to have more and more of that self indulgent sex.

Sex*! It does a body good!

*Serious side effects may occur. Patients who have unlimited sex may suffer from HIV/AIDS, gonorrhea, chlamydia, herpes and/or syphilis. See your doctor if you are having sex and experiencing a burning sensation at urination or lesions of any type. Symptoms may vary.

Wow, I feel like I just did an infomercial.

Just my opinion folks.


Maurisa said...

Pelosi is pathetic. Now she claims the CIA lied. Whatever!

Sarah said...

Dern good opinion!!

When one is caught with their pants down, they ought to pull them up rather than keep tripping over them. Pelosi is pathetic.

MK said...

The sex part was not only your opinion. It's shared by many. Pelosi is a disgrace. Those four words should be emailed to every member of the house - Pelosi is a disgrace. Email em and tell what you think of her. She has been a disgrace to the governemnt, women and the people of this country for years. Now is the time to let her constituents know what the public thinks of her.

Good blog!


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