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Friday, May 15, 2009

A Help for ADHD?

After reading my Mau's entries on the Feingold diet over at A Half a dozen Productions, I decided to do some research.

It seems like this Feingold diet could be on to something in the treatment of ADD and ADHD. Having family members who suffer from ADHD this became even more interesting to me.

If you have a child with ADHD or ADD please check this out. It could mean the difference between a medicated child for life and a medication free child. It can't hurt to try.

For my readers, if you have had any success or lack of with the Feingold diet please comment.


Mom E said...

I have heard so much about diet being a link to so many things now a days. I am a firm believer that our diets now lack in many things and maybe have so many extra things that are harmful to our bodies. I taught Sp.Ed for 7 years and always advocated diet before medication and if followed made a big difference. If we focused more on Diets for diagnosis such as Autism,ADHD,ADD and even certain behavior problems we wouldn't need to count on Medications so much. Doesn't it say something to you that the number of cases of Autism,ADHD and ADD are rising and the food we are giving is becoming more process. It's not a coincidence! Thank you for the link! :O)

Gramma 2 Many said...

When my borderline Autistic Grandson eats properly and takes his enzymes, he is able to function as well as other children. If they stray from his diet, he suffers.
By the way, thank you for your prayers and support on my post last night. I was really in the pit, but all of you make such a difference, I love and appreciate you for it.

Kathy said...

Interesting. I have heard of this diet before, and it seems to be very effective.

Would you please consider offering your rosaries ( the scandal at Notre Dame). Please see my blog for details. Thank you!


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