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Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Little Mud for Lunch..OORAH!

Well, yesterday my family and I woke up at the crack of dawn, said farewell to my in-laws as they headed back up to Ohio, and prepared ourselves for a long day outdoors.

We were headed to the Marine Mud Challenge. This is the 2nd year that my family has participated. There are two obstacle courses. One is a mile run obstacle course for the kids under 12. The other course is 4.5 miles. Full of deep, red Georgia mud and obstacles that seem undefeatable. This year there were over 100 participants in the race. My guys and girls went as part of the Young Marines. They were tasked with handing out water to the groups as they crossed the finish line. Oh..and let me tell ya it was hot yesterday! Most of the folks just poured that water right over their dirty heads.

When all the groups had gone through the .50 cals, (that's their nickname) were allowed to run the course. My oldest and my hubby ran the 4.5 mile course and my 3 others ran the mile.

Dirty is not the word for what the two were. Socks and underwear straight in the can. They will never be the same again. Mud everywhere. I mean everywhere. The best part was standing under the giant stream of water from the fire department truck! They even held a push up competition in the "rain". Those crazy kids.
This was really a fun day. I didn't participate in the runs, but I yelled and screamed myself hoarse rooting on teams to the finish line. I love that. The kids had a great time and instead of being tired after the run, they were pumped up and excited! My hubby..well he was tired. :)

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Sarah said...

Your oldest looks hilarious in the first shot "go marine youth!". Another fun day in the hot GA sun! Yeah, if you had participated I would have flown down there are screamed at you. Not for the mama to be! Take care of yourself! OK, off to Mass we go. Then more of this going through stuff and all that. Fun!


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