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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

That's My Brother! Fer Sure Fer Sure!

My sweet baby brother (36 years young on May 14th)recently participated in Fort Jackson's Strongman Competition. Unfortunately there were technical difficulties and no cameras were brought to capture this extraordinary event! Bummah! However, I do have these lovely photographs of him growing up to share :).

But that didn't stop him from pulling a Humvee, driver and all, 100 meters in 13 seconds! Yes, folks, I know. That's my brother! ;)

The one there on the right. Buff and all. This is right before boot camp.

Crazy guy! Well, he won the Humvee pull event. On to Tractor toss. He had to flip a 500lb tractor tire 7 times. Then, the Farmers hold. 250lbs in each hand..how long can they stand?!?! Then the South Carolina Stone Carry. Carry a 200lb stone 50 meters.

Well, he didn't win. He took 2nd Place overall! Congratulations little brother! We are so proud of you.
Oh, and he didn't train for this either. (Can you tell how proud of him I am:)!!!)
His boss asked him to give it a go and he did.

This is my little brother. Defending us all here at home!
Thanks little brother for your service and a job well done! Hooah!

1 comment:

Sarah said...

He is rather a buff dude.
We appreciate his defending our country - very much!
I love most of all your dad in that shot before boot camp. That picture is just hilarious.


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