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Friday, May 29, 2009

The Reality of School

(a peak into the last few days of school...)(harp music and dreamy clouds appear and fade into the scene)

Math has decided to linger a bit into the summer, always an uninvited guest. However, we'll treat him well (and hope he leaves quickly). Art, music, and PE have all packed up and headed to the beach. Lucky!

English and Grammar, they always travel together, are having a spot of trouble getting those dangling participles into their suitcase and Reading can't seem to shut hers.

Religion never leaves. He just hangs out in the background all year. We like Him..He's a quiet guest.

Unlike Ms. Science, who just keeps making a mess wherever she goes. Hang on..oh...there she goes..she's got her safety glasses on ..oh! No! Not the baking soda and vinegar!...

Whew..okay..got Science under control. Phonics skedaddled earlier in the year. Sort of a loner. He comes in, gets his work done and heads out. Sometimes I forget he's here.

Health made a short appearance, what a sweet baby she was.

History, well what can you say about History? He just takes up the whole room! Everyone loves him. He's the life of the party. Dinner table discussions would be non-existent without History. Man! Does he have some stories to tell. It's always sad to see him go. What a life of the party.

So, another school year comes to an end. We are all anxious to find out what next year will bring us. But I think we'll take a load off for a while. Let the dust settle. I better go help English. Her subjective complement is showing.


Therese said...

So glad you are just about there...my boys finish school the 12th...ready for summer!

Maurisa said...

That was very cute and creative! Loved it!

Sarah said...

I'm so glad to be done with that English stuff!


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