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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Atkins, Operating Statements and No Kitchen Sink...

So today I went to school. I learned how to read a restaurant operating statement. I did math today. My homeschool experience was called into action today as I sat with a calculator to figuring gross profit, net sales and personnel costs. Not to mention all the percentages that go along with them. I learned that my scientific calculator was really, well, too scientific and the best tool for the job is a regular old adding machine or a pocket calculator with a memory function. Who knew?

I learned that cheese is a handy snack and low in carbs. I learned that I can eat Daikon. Have you ever eaten Daikon? Neither have I. I bought some though. I hear it's handy as a low carb cracker of sorts. It's a kin to the radish but apparently not as spicy. I am looking forward to a few slices with some tuna on top. Speaking of tuna..what's your favorite recommendation? Of course, the cheapskate I am, I have chicken of the sea in the pantry. Today I noticed a brand called Genova, whole fillet in olive oil. Sounded good, was a bit pricey at $1.29 (yeah..I'm a cheapskate)so I figured I'd research it first. Anyone out there try it before?

About the kitchen sink..well, I have the sink, but I have no faucet. They finally replaced my granite (can I get an oh yeah!) last night. Guy shows up at 7:30. "I didn't read my order" he says. "It's gonna be awhile". See, he had to remove the old granite. Not such an easy task. Needless to say, some pieces didn't fit, there was some tile cutting at around 10 pm. They finally got it installed around 11:30. I say, "are you gonna put the faucet back in?" He says "no, the kitchen guy will be around tomorrow". Oh. Okay. So, that's all fine and stuff, but I'm not gonna be around. "Oh, okay" and off he goes. So I called the warranty place but of course, there's no one around at 5 pm. So tomorrow, am early, I'll be on the phone. Keep your fingers crossed that I'll get my sink. Thank goodness the boys are gone to camp. I don't have near as many dishes with the girls. Whew..

So that was my day, how was yours?


Sarah said...

. . . . ahhhh, wow. I just passed out! Did you call yourself a cheapskate? And, TWICE?
Holy of holies!

You are not. It depends upon what it is. That's as it should be. :)

Never heard of that vegetable/root cracker thing nor the brand of filet so I'm no help.

I think if I cut carbs 80% I'd lose ten pounds fast. I'm going to look into this Atkins thing. I just don't know if I can go whole hog on eliminating some things so I'd keep 20% at hoovering carbs.

Any great web page about Atkins you would recommend?

Also, you might like my blog post today about the tour of my condo.

Sorry about your sink. That literally is horrible!!

Jim Purdy said...

Good luck with your low-carbing. I've been trying a mostly vegan version of low carbs, which includes things like avocados, pecans, walnuts, and olive oil. It's working well for me, helping me lose weight and lower my Type 2 diabetic blood glucose. Best wishes to you.


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