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Monday, July 13, 2009

My New Granite

This is the granite we currently have: I'm not a fan.

This is the one I chose in the beginning but they got it wrong. Apparently there are 8 versions of Santa Cecilia granite. Ugh. I chose this originally because of the white background (brighter) the burgundy bursts (match the cabinets) and the honey colored patches match the back splash in the kitchen. So today, we drove the five hours (there and back) to ATL and actually wrote our address on the two slabs that will be used to redo our counter tops. I can't wait. It's going to brighten the kitchen considerably. I just wish we could have spent more time in ATL. We have family and friends there but just couldn't make it work today.


Sarah said...

At least you're in driving distance!
I like your choice better.
Personally, having granite in this condo kitchen . . . I'm dead set against it. I can't stand it.

Sarah said...

Sorry. I should have said why I'm dead set against it.
The stuff in this condo is blackish gray with hues of browns . . . it's ugly (you would likely agree). I cannot see if it's clean or dirty. This causes me to constantly wipe it to only stick my hand down into something I missed or something that is new. Plus, it's shiny and I can't tell if it's wet or dry so I'm always touching it and making myself feel stupid.

It is practical for making pie crusts and other sticky goodies (like ginger houses/men), but . . . not my cuppa.

Tell me why you like it. :)

Love ya and miss you to the zillionth!

Dymphna said...

Beautiful granite--beautiful blog! I like how you have the spiritual and corporal works of mercy along the side.

Thanks for visiting my blog!


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