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Monday, August 31, 2009

In Case You Want To Know...

Visit Una Voce Northern Alabama to hear the talks for the laity on the Extraordinary Form.

I have only been once to a Mass in the Extraordinary form and although it was very very different from what I have been used to at the Novus Ordo. That being said, it made me want to learn more about it. One of the things I liked was that the Priest faced the altar. His posture towards the altar and raising his eyes always to the cross helped me to focus on Christ on the cross as well. When he elevated the Precious Body of Christ it was so very beautiful. We did have a booklet with the Latin and English translation. Sort of a "how to" book. It was very easy to follow.

Kneeling to receive our Lord at the communion rail was also a new experience and one that has been on my heart ever since.

I have encountered Priests who no longer know how to celebrate Mass this way, and I've encountered ones who don't want to ever again. I think it's part of our rich history as Catholics and should not be so quickly done away with. It would be like getting rid of the White house and moving the President into a condo. Pretending all that time before never existed. Just "not right". Ya know?

Anyhow, enough of my chatting. Take a listen to the audios if you like. They are very good.

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Sarah - Kala said...

Saw a book title on another blog and thought I would share with you. You can get it at Angelus Press. It is called "Love In the Ruins: Modern Catholics in Search of the Ancient Faith" by Anne M. Larson, Ed.

Let me know if you get it before me . . . sounds like it is up your alley of interests.


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