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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Good Friends, Good Fun

Last night I had a Close To My Heart Party (CTMH). I invited ladies from Church and the neighborhood. It went very well..we had a great time making a scrapbook page layout and getting to know one another. I was very glad to be entertaining in the house. I really miss Sarah. She is all things crafty. And very good at it, as any of you who have received one of her pay it forwards could attest. I think we would have had a great time last night.

We just received our pool and spa and hopefully that will be up and running by this weekend. We are building a deck around it, that may take a little longer than this weekend, but at least getting the pool in and hooking electrical and all that up to both should be done this weekend. Pray for dry ground. Of course, it's decided to rain for the last three days. If the ground does not dry out we can't put the pool in because the bobcat will not be able to get around to grade the area.

My camera card is acting wonky so I took some photo's on the cell of the pool and the layout we did. Hope you enjoy.

Still in The Box.

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Maurisa said...

"Wonky"? You're beginning to sound like Sarah ;-)

Sarah - Kala said...


I'll try calling you again later. Have to get the kids to school. By the time I call, it's afternoon for you and you may be off shopping, work, or something.

You can use "wonky" - anyone who is cool does. Maurisa, I think you're cool, so start using it. :)

Dawn said...

I suppose that is a Sarah word. It just came out...I suppose after 5 years of hearing Sarahisms I'm bound to use a bloody few of 'em. :)


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