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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Small Successes

God is so good!! He has placed some wonderful people in my life. He just placed some of them very far away from me :). But that's okay. Their words of encouragement and acts of prayer and sacrifice are..I have no words to describe my thanks.

So onto my successes..(they are not really mine)..all glory to God on this one.

1)I've found a neighborhood walking partner. Thanks be to God! She's really sweet..she brings her little 9 month old with us and he's just such a happy baby. Much better than my t-bone. You'd think he was ancient. I actually had to pull him up the hill this morning. Ugh.

2)I got a call from another new friend who shares my love for the Catholic faith and that is a blessing beyond blessings! Thanks be to God.

3)And best of all! BEST OF ALL!....I got to watch Glenn Beck on Fox with my hubby tonight..and we watched it LIVE!..meaning it wasn't dvr'd like we do everything else. This is best of all because he was actually home at 5 pm AND he didn't fall asleep! He actually paused it to rewind some parts I missed because I was cooking.

4)I made pan seared salmon with romaine salad and broccoli smothered in real butter. (I need someone to make me a margarine stick in a circle with a line through it..I am graphically challenged)
It was so dern delicious. A beautiful ending to what I thought this morning might not be a good day.

Thanks be to God..now and forever!


Sarah - Kala said...

Thanks be to God!

ViolinMama said...

What a great list!! Anything that seems small is SO much bigger than we think it is. Sorry I'm late once again reading, but thanks for inspiring me this weekend :) God Bless!


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