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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My Brother is Coming, My Ride is a Wreck, My Waffle is Ready!

Okay, so my little brother is coming to visit today. He's on his way from Disney right now with his family and my treadmill is in the spot where his little ones need to sleep. I've been using the guest room as my office and...um...I'm not very organized..so..well here's a pic

So I went to bed reaeaeaeaelllllly late 'cause I spent the night catching up with an old friend

High school reminiscing. Realizations that..Man! We are getting old! But Thanks be to God we are much much wiser.

Two weeks ago I got rear ended at a stop light on Post. Fortunate for me, he was a really nice..and honest..guy and his insurance is taking care of everything. I don't have a pic of that..cause it's on my cell phone and I don't know where the heck that is right now! I suppose I could call it to find it..but if it's on vibrate..oh man..I gotta find that thing.

But the fun part of the day..after going to bed reaeaeaeaelllly late..I got up reaeaeaeaeaellllly early (5:30) and made this:

then my kiddos got up and asked me, so very nice and sweetly, would I make them some waffles. Okie dokie..so I did..I even added something a little special

Oops..that's for another recipe(I swear the pic is blurry because I'm a poor photographer. **channeling Bill Clinton here** "I did not have a drink of that Jack Daniels!"). I really added this:

which resulted in this:

and I'm already exhausted.

Oh and school books came today.

But I feel curiously happy.
In fact, I feel like singing! One of my favorite songs. In fact sing with me if you know it!

1 comment:

Sarah - Kala said...

You could put Jack in my waffles!! Two, please. Mahalo!

How long is your bro and family staying so I don't call and you have to go 'cos they are there etc. etc.???

Sorry about the cell phone and the van. Glad you're okay regardless of it all.

God is good!!!


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