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Friday, August 21, 2009

Throwing It Out!

Splenda, that is. I think it's wreaking havoc on my body and I don't like it. I can't say for sure but I have had some weird symptoms since I started using it again and I don't like it. So, out it goes. I had one packet this morning before doing my research and am now sipping a cup sans sugar or chlorinated sweetener.

It's actually not that bad. One thing Atkins has done for me is help me to stop those sugar cravings. I only use Splenda in my coffee. I try not to buy products that have Splenda in them. I don't drink soda (haven't had a soda in more than a year)anymore.

I am headed to the doc today to see if this latest issue is a result of my splenda intake. Whatever it is, I am not using it again. In fact, the whole box is going out in the trash today.

Has anyone here had any adverse reactions to Splenda or other artificial sweeteners?


Sarah - Kala said...

Well, you know me: if it ain't real or fattening, it ain't a goin' down in my gullet. I'm sorry you are having reactions. What kind of reactions? I've always found those artificial sweeteners to be a tad too sweet with a tinge of metallic taste. So, I don't use them, never have, but to try it.

I drink mine black (again).

Mary333 said...

Have you ever tried Purevia or Truvia. They come from the herb stevia. You can find them in the sugar aisle. Not too bad.


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