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Friday, August 21, 2009

It's all His Fault! (Or is it?)

I just finished reading The Temperament God Gave my Spouse by Art and Laraine Bennett. What an eye opener! I hadn't read anything previously relating to the temperaments, choleric, sanguine, phlegmatic, and melancholic, and this book forced me to look further into myself, do some research and figure out my own temperament before I could see how it works with my husbands.

I discovered that I am a mix of choleric and sanguine. While my hubby is more sanguine-phlegmatic. How we work together and respond to one another directly corresponds to our temperaments.

Art and Laraine use real marriage experiences of their own and other couples to illustrate how couples with different temperaments are able to better their marriages by realizing how their temperaments work and how they can make very small changes in how each spouse responds to the different characteristics of each temperament. Most of the changes come from within as we discover our own temperaments.

Of course we can't change our spouse. We can only change how we respond to our spouse. I highly recommend this book for all married couples and for those who are in pre-cana or preparing for Marriage.

You can get it at The Catholic Company!


Sarah - Kala said...

I am "melodramatic" and he's "I don't give a sh**". Do you think that book will help???? :)

Dawn said...

yes my friend. Yes.

Elizabeth Mahlou said...

If you find the temperaments interesting and helpful, try reading about the Jungian personality types. You can google Carl Jung or Myers-Briggs. There is simply scads of stuff out there -- and if you cannot find anything that is adequately digested, I can send you slides I use in teaching teachers that include family and school relationships (including spouses). I think you would find it to be the next step beyond the Greek temperaments (which certainly have stood the test of time).


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