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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Happy First Day of School!

That's what I will be saying in about 20 mins as I walk through the house. Right now, all is quiet. The kids are still asleep and unassuming. Little do they know..hahahahahaha (evil homeschooling mom laugh).

Lesson plans have been reviewed. Pencils are sharpened. Erasers are already broken off, crayons have been opened and lost and notebooks have been doodled in. And we haven't even started yet! I have so many plans!

Not only is it the first day of school, our pool is being installed today. We found out yesterday that the electrician was going to charge us around $1000 to install a dedicated outlet for the pool. I say "was". We said "no thanks". Originally, the pool guy (I love saying that), had told us it would be closer to $300. Big difference. The Electrician just laughed when we told him that. So..my darling hubby, handyman extraordinaire, will be learning how to run electricity to pools. :) I know there has to be a You Tube video out there just for him. ;)

We finally found a supplier of 55 gallon drums for our rain barrels and we purchased 4 of them yesterday. We had to drive an hour and a half to get them, but it will be well worth it when the rain is collecting in them and flowing out into my gardens. FREEly. Now we just have to get the gutter installed and set up the operation. Another You Tube video has already been bookmarked. Let me tell ya, I never thought I'd spend so much time on You Tube, but it's proved to be quite helpful for outdoor projects. There are some creative folks out there.

Next project is the deck surround for the pool and spa. Next weekend will be the deck building party. Some friends from hubby's work said they would help for pizza and beer. I offered pizza and soda. I want my deck to be plum. Ya know! Beer after the deck is built.

I will try to take pictures of the pool installation today. The kids can't wait to have their first pool party. Honestly, neither can I.

Other projects on tap here:
- Screening in the back porch
- Building a brick BBQ pit
- Sewing curtains for all the rooms

I'll keep ya up to date.
Off to get ready for school!


Maurisa said...

Abundant Blessings on your school year! We start today, as well.

Sarah - Kala said...

No wonder you're not answering the phone! Just kidding.

I agree: beer after the deck is built!

Have a blessed first day of school!!


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