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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

No Swimmy Swimmy Here.

The pool man (I am beginning to not like saying that) did not make it yesterday. Don't know why..the manager is trying to find that out. The ground needs to be dug out and the guy that does that has given them the slip. hehe

So we are rescheduled for Saturday. I guess that's okay as it gives hubby more time to become an electrician. hehe

School started yesterday and the oldest was right back to his old ways of Math diversion tactics. I can't take another year of that. I hated to do it (hehe) but he pushed me to it. He got the lecture on responsibility and changing his ways. hehe.

I have to laugh at the end of each one of these are I'll just go crawl back into bed and ask for a do over.

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Sarah - Kala said...

I hear "I hate the bus!" and "I hate school" from my high school kid every other day. I soooooo enjoy it. It used to get under my skin, now I just ignore it.


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