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Friday, October 30, 2009

Oh What a Beautiful Morning!

Oh what a beautiful day! Thanks be to God for a beautiful sunrise this morning. I didn't have my camera with me on my walk this morning, or I would have snapped a picture of the lovely pinks and blues that lit up the sky today.

The Sun is up and all is bright and warm. Last evening was such a joy to spend with good friends and new friends.

Dinner was good, conversation was better and we got to eat Pecan Pie! My favorite! We finished the evening with a house blessing for the new home of our new friends and it was a perfect ending to a pretty dern near perfect day.

The reading for the house blessing was from Luke. About Martha and Mary. I have to say, I almost chuckled... God had a sense of humor! All day long I was preparing for the guests to come and I was really trying hard to not "fret" about it. Even trying to sneak in some prayers during the preparations. As I stood there, listening to the Gospel, I realized just how smooth the day had gone. Thanks to my boys, who cleaned up after dinner, and my girls, who entertained the young ones after dinner, I was able to sit with my hubby and chat with our friends. It was just so easy. If that's the right word.

With the Holidays coming, remember Martha and Mary. Don't forget to slow down and sit at His feet. Even if it means standing at the sink, potato peeler in hand, but ears and heart open to His word. Blessings!

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