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Friday, November 20, 2009

Photo Finish

We made candy Turkeys (oreos, reese cups and candy corns do cause tummy aches) and finished out this week with a heck of a field trip!

Very cool periodic table of elements.

Of course, everyone wanted to find Uranium.

Raleigh, the Barred Owl.

Winston, the Screech Owl. (Raleigh, would kindly eat this little guy for dinner)

Louie, the America Alligator.

Scary and awesome at the same time. Wouldn't want to stumble upon this in the forest.

One hour north and we are at the Glenn Beck Book Signing. Stood in line for 2.5 hours. And we didn't have a ticket to get our book signed.

5 pm. Starting to get crowded..

6:15..signing was to start 15 minutes ago..the podium is just getting set up. It's getting hot now. I am leaning up against a book rack with Bible covers. Ouch. But we are all smiles!

6:30..Finally! Glenn arrives and immediately begins signing. He will only be here for 1 hour. He has promised that he will sign all the books for the 800 people who have a ticket. There are over 1000 people in this Books A Million right now. Incredible.
Some of the people in line have 10 or more books. He's going to be exhausted.

The lady in the tan sweater, M., she held number 135 out of 800 in the line. She kindly agreed to have my book signed as she went through the line. Thanks M.!


Mary333 said...

Great pictures! I really have to make the turkey with Michaela, tummy ache or not, she would love to do this! Thanks for the idea:)

Katie said...

The candy turkeys are adorable!

And I LOVE Glenn Beck!

John said...

Great pictures! What a great time that must have been!

God Bless!:)


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