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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Cast

More pics from homeschool co-op..

The entire cast of Big Bad (front l-r: Twoah, Oh-Nay, Sister Wolf, Goldilocks, Little Red Riding Hood, Junior Bear. Middle l-r: Big Bad Wolf, Little Miss Muffit, Papa Bear, Court reporter, Granny. Back l-r: Fairy Godmother, Bill Woodcutter, Pig Three, Evil Stepmother, Boy Who Cried Wolf, Mama Wolf, Sydney Grimm, Mama Bear, Bailiff, Judge Wiseoldman, Shepherdess)

The "legal" crew (Mr. Middleman is Judge Wiseoldman)

Grimm (Mr. Big Boy is Sydney Grimm, reporter for EFN (Enchanted Fairytale News)

The Big Bad Wolf family (Pannini is Momma Wolf)


Sarah - Kala said...

I wish I could take a plane out and see this play! Will you video it?

I can't even really see Pannini in that make up! good job.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures...I am sure everyone will enjoy the play!!

+JMJ+ said...

How lucky the kids are to have so many homeschoolers their age and participating.

Very cool!

Grace said...

what fun! i only wish my school had done productions like this--our costumes were lame and our plays were BORING! i could've been a star! :)


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